Lady Fitness
safe & comfortable atmosphere for women
Gabby - Personal Training
Mayde - Manager
Kristen - Instructor
Gabby has been in the health and fitness scene for over 20 years.  She learned that she loved running at an early age and has kept up her love and passion for a healthy lifestyle ever since.  She offers personal training and nutrition training for an overall better lifestyle!
Mayde is our fearless manager and keeps the gym running smoothly.  She is a part time student and full time gym rat.  She has learned to love the health and fitness lifestyle over the past few years.  She's also an amazing instructor and has much to offer all the ladies.
Kristen has been instructing at Lady Fitness for 3 years and loves every class she has the pleasure of teaching.  She has a passion for working with women and helping them reach their fitness goals.  Her love of being in the gym has grown over the past few years and continues to grow every day. ​
Kay - Instructor
Tallis - Instructor
Cenet & Paty - Instructors
Kay has been an instructor at Lady Fitness for over 20 years.  She teaches an advanced step class and is known to keep it going for "just 5 more minutes"!  Kay's class is full of energy and passion and will leave you out of breath. Her love for fitness shines through every class she teaches.
Tallis has been an instructor at lady Fitness for 3 years but has been a member of the club for over 10 years. She has a passion for teaching and learning new things about fitness. She can teach just about anything from step to body pump and loves it all. Her skills and knowledge grow with every class she teaches.
Cenet & Paty are our dynamic duo.  A fearless team who teach perfectly in synch with each other. They have been teaching at Lady Fitness for over a year now and have really made a difference in a lot of women's lives.  They bring wonderful energy and so much fun to their workouts. 
Alma - Day care
Cristina - Zumba
Alma is our dedicated and soft spoken child care provider. She has the sweetest and most caring demenor and the kids love her to pieces.  She is a newer addition to the team and we are so grateful for her!
Cristina is our vivacious and talented Zumba and step instructor.  She has been with the club for over 3 years and has grown so much.  Her passion for zumba and dancing and new moves shines through with each of her classes. She always carries a smile and it's contagious!